Since 1964, Seitz has made a name for itself as a competent partner in gearing technology. We are specialists in the production of an extensive range of geared components (gears, gear racks, sprockets, worm gears, worms, and much more) with the highest precision and best quality.

Countless customers from a diverse range of industries (e.g. from machine tool industry, aerospace industry, environmental technology, gear manufacturing industry, etc.) have been able to confirm our quality for over 50 years.

Industriestrasse 13 – 15
77948 Friesenheim

Total area:
21.318 qm

Production area:
5.460 qm

about 50 Mitarbeiter (Stand 2018)

Foundation of Albert Seitz Werkzeugmaschinen e.K. by Albert Seitz
Purchase, reconditioning and sale of second-hand machinery
Development and construction of custom machinery

Foundation of Albert Seitz GmbH, Gear and Gear manufacturing industry,
for all types of machining works, complete gear cutting department

After further expansion, relocation of the production site to Heiligenzell
Son Detlef Seitz enters the family business

New foundation of alsei Metallfaser GmbH
Manufacturing of steel and metal wool

Foundation of desei GmbH by Detlef Seitz
Processing and manufacturing of fine mechanical turned parts

Relocation of alsei Metallfaser GmbH to a new production site

Expansion and construction of a further production site for alsei Metallfaser GmbH

Construction of a new production hall and consolidation of all companies

Take-over of the company by son Detlef Seitz

Merging of alsei Metallfaser GmbH with Albert Seitz GmbH

Seitz stands for the highest level of competency and quality when it comes to gearing technology.
We manufacture components ranging from small dimensions and weights through to large ones. This includes gears, gear racks, sprockets, worm gears, worms and much more – with precision and top quality dating back over 50 years.

As well as producing geared parts, we can also carry out metalwork for you. We can work completely in line with your prototypes and drawings in all machining disciplines – both as series and piece production:
Sawing, turning, milling, keyway shaping / broaching / drawing, hardening, grinding and measuring.

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We offer …
all assignments in contract production and top-to-bottom manufacturing.

What makes us stand out?

We are a well-oiled and positive team which has over 50 years of experience.
Working with metal is more than just fine mechanical work:
Behind every production process are the skills and experience of each of our employees.
From preparatory tasks, to the actual production, to the closing works, each movement must be automatic.
Only a well-oiled team can contribute to quality and adhere to delivery dates, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

What we strive for?

The execution of every single task with the highest fine mechanical.
To implement each task exactly to the customer’s requirements.
To always be up-to-date.
To always looking forward.

Let us … put your wishes in motion too!