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Albert Seitz GmbH offers the design and construction of complete pieces of machinery, individual solutions and components.

Almost 50 years of experience – this is connected with our special knowledge, particularly in gear production, which we are happy to share with you. Whether during design, detailed development or questions on the best production methods.

With close dialogue between the developer and producers, significant quality advantages can be created during the preliminary stages, along with cost synergies which are becoming increasingly important in competition. In this sense, we offer you our services as competent specialists and dialogue partners.

We are your competent partner for:

  • Special gears with planning and construction
  • Gear repairs / maintenance
  • Construction of steel wool machinery (for the manufacture and refinement of steel wools and metal fibres)

Metal wool

On our own specially constructed steel wool machinery, we produce the finely chopped metal wool needed for the brake lining industry.
It is specially coordinated to meet our customers’ specific requirements on composition and is an important component of the brake lining / clutch lining.

We have almost 30 years of experience in the manufacture and development of steel wool, stainless steel wool and the machinery required for this.

Since 2009, we have converted our production premises mainly to finely chopped stainless steel wool.


  • Chopped stainless steel wool
  • Copper wool

External Services

Our range of services also includes various external services, in order to round off our full service for you.

In close cooperation with reliable regional partner companies, the following procedures can be carried out:

Hardening / Heat Treatment:
Case hardening, induction hardening, vacuum hardening, nitride hardening, plasma nitriding, quench-polish-quench finishing, depressurising, nitrocarburising, gas nitrocarburising, inert gas hardening, stress-relief annealing, annealing

Chromium oxide, hard chromium plating, CRC hard coating, topochroming, nickel plating, burnishing, galvanizing, anodising, lacquering, TiN coating and others on request

Ask us if you need any other services from this area of services. We can find the right solution for your requirements.