Repair Service

Gear Repairs / Maintenance
Gear repairs are a possible alternative to new gears.
To offer our customers a more cost-effective version to new gears where applicable, we initially endeavour to repair the damage, rectify the causes and maintain the existing gears.

  • Gear disassembly / reassembly
  • Analysis of the gear damage
  • Gear repairs carried out on-site or at our production site
  • Gear maintenance
  • Gear reconditioning / revision

General Overhaul
In a general overhaul, your gears are completely disassembled and cleaned. Each part is checked for any wear-and-tear or defects. Shaft seal rings are always replaced; bearings only if necessary.

Manufacture of New Articles
New articles, such as spur gears, planetary gears, worm gears and special gears are manufactured in line with your prototypes and drawings.

Construction and planning is possible with our partner company “seitz engineering”.